Your Success is my goal


You already harness the incredible power to create the life you desire. Let me help you to unlock your true potential in both body and mind. Your success is my ultimate goal!

Knowledgeable Training Expertise


You will have the tools at your fingertips to achieve your desired physique in the fastest amount of time while building good habits that will ensure you maintain it for the long term!

Nutrition Matters


Counting macros is a skill that will take effort into learning, but once mastered, you will be able to sustain a stress free and long term healthy relationship with your food. 


Tiffany Lance

Amy is the most amazing trainer I’ve ever worked with.  She’s encouraging and supportive as well as challenging and motivating all at the same time.  She knows when to push and when to encourage.  She’s a little spitfire and an inspiration to everyone she meets.  You won’t find one better!

Kari Kolb

Amy is so great! Her passion definitely comes through when she trains clients and teaches classes. Comfortable environment to workout and you will be challenged!

Cathrine Giles

Amy’s classes are great for all fitness-levels! She offers a variety of classes so you don’t get bored, is very encouraging when you need it the most, and wants you to succeed! I really appreciate that she doesn’t just see you as a client but really takes the time to talk to you and know you as a person.